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Jiangsu wet beauty electric manufacturing co., LTD. (manufacturers) in guangzhou is wet beauty electronics co., LTD. (branch) is a company committed to the technology products and services of human society, has the advanced professional technology and rich experience in manufacturing. The company mainly develops and designs: various dehumidifiers, explosion-proof dehumidifiers, explosion-proof air conditioners, humidifiers, pipe dehumidifiers, constant temperature and humidity machines, customized products, etc.
Moisture beauty series of products, humidifying and dehumidifying products, constant temperature and humidity, precision air conditioning products, explosion-proof products, customized products with "super dehumidification, energy conservation, environmental protection, and the advantages of low noise", products strictly in accordance with the national standard GB4706.32 execution.
Company long-term adhering to the "quality first, customer first, service first" for the purpose, to "modern management, high-quality products, reasonable prices, excellent service" commitment to win the market recognition.
The company was founded in suzhou, and gradually in jiangsu, guangdong, fujian, shaanxi, shandong, guangxi, northeast China, hunan, hubei. Yunnan, jiangxi; Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing, hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and other places to set up branches and offices, sales network distribution nationwide major cities. "Build a first-class brand, pursue outstanding quality" is the concept of "wet beauty" innovation pursuit, and look forward to the future wet beauty vision to become the leading enterprise of the industry brand.
The social responsibility
Wet beautiful advocate doing the compassion enterprise, the social responsibility as an important part of the spirit of enterprise to proclaim, focus on support and actively participate in disaster relief JiuWei, donate learning from teaching, social stability, support for culture and sports and other public welfare undertakings. It fully reflects the love and social responsibility of wet beauty, and demonstrates the company's responsibility for social responsibility, which is widely recognized by all sectors of society.

  • ◎ The certificate of "good faith management" was awarded in 2008

  • ◎ National mandatory CCC certification in 2009

  • ◎ Won the leading brand of national sales in 2010
    ◎ 2010 designated special brand in World Expo, Shanghai

  • ◎ Nantong Suyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. designated special articles in 2011
    ◎ The national quality after sales AAA certificate was awarded in 2011

  • ◎ 2012 Shenzhen Huitong world Limited by Share Ltd specified brand
    ◎ Changsha Wanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. designated special brand in 2012
    ◎ 2012 Qinhuangdao Tanghai International Logistics Co., Ltd. designated special brand
    ◎ Special brand designated by Guangzhou military region in 2012

  • ◎ Shandong Sheng Tai Group Co., Ltd. designated special brand in 2013
    ◎ Dongguan five pearl Electronics Co., Ltd. designated special brand in 2013
    ◎ Designated special brand of Shandong Wei Qiao Textile Group in 2013

  • ◎ In 2014, it was awarded the title of "one of the ten major brands" in China.
    ◎ In 2014, it was awarded the best Cooperation Award for Baidu search engine.

  • ◎ 2015 won the leading brand of national sales
    ◎ The constant temperature and constant humidity machine broke through 20 thousand units in 2015
    ◎ 2015 Vanke Real Estate underground garage designated special brand
    ◎ 2015 Wanda real estate underground garage designated special brand

company culture
Create a better and more comfortable life for mankind
Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees,
Create profits for shareholders and create wealth for the community

Wet beauty vision
Make the world wet
Committed to becoming the dehumidifier industry leader, among the top ten domestic appliance comprehensive strength
Make "wet beauty" a world famous brand.

Wet beauty spirit
Open: Bocaizhongzhang, the courage to try harmony: cooperation and cooperation, shared responsibility,
Pragmatic: the pursuit of effective, unassuming innovation: the development of science and technology, innovation mechanism