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Dampness affects human health According to the WHO, the most comfortable air relative humidity for the human body is 40% to 60%, and more than 70% is humid. In spring, "back to the South", the highest humidity in Guangzhou area can reach 95%. There is a feeling of "holding hands and catching water". Indoor space, whether it is t...
Why can't the air conditioner replace the dehumidifier?
The main function of the air conditioner is refrigeration and heating. The air conditioner with independent dehumidification function can dehumidifier, but the dehumidification rate is very small, the speed of dehumidification is slow, and the cold air is blowing, the more cold it is. In addition, the electronic air conditioner is ...
Working principle of dehumidifier
First of all you need to know where the water comes from. It's air. In fact, there's water in the air around us. We use "humidity value" to determine how much moisture in the air, when the humidity is too big, the bacteria can grow easily, something easy to mold, people will feel stuffy, easy to get sick. How does the dehumidifier...
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