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date:2018-02-26   keywords:dehumidifier humidifier constant    
Dampness affects human health

According to the WHO, the most comfortable air relative humidity for the human body is 40% to 60%, and more than 70% is humid. In spring, "back to the South", the highest humidity in Guangzhou area can reach 95%. There is a feeling of "holding hands and catching water". Indoor space, whether it is the corridor, room or wall corner, everywhere is water drops.

For a long time, in the humid environment, the decline of human immunity can cause memory loss, slow thinking and inattention. It can also cause rheumatism, joint pain, colds and skin allergies. In particular, excessive humidity makes the mold multiply, and as dust drifts in the air, it is more likely to form a health threat.

Humidity affects the work of household appliances

The relative humidity is larger than that of the space of 65% or more, any object attached to the surface of a layer of water film, the insulation resistance of the surface of the appliance is greatly reduced, not only the corrosion of metal parts of electrical household appliances, influence of non normal work, or even damage the appliance, serious threat to personal safety. The main manifestations are:

1. You can't start. Because of damp and damp, part of the device can not work properly. Consumers in the pan aunt CRT picture tube color TV, one to the spring back to the south, after starting to "warm up" for a period of time to the normal picture. Many household appliances are not working properly. Experts in electrical appliances maintenance also suggest that electric appliances that are not commonly used should be properly launched in the spring to dispel the moisture in the machine.

2, the device rusts. Mainly iron parts are easy to rust in wet environment, affect the service life, and even some key components affect the normal use of household appliances. For example: computer disk drive components of moist air is rust, mildew and damage, reduce the magnetic permeability of magnetic materials, resulting in memory read and write errors etc..

3. The short circuit is burned. The highly integrated circuit boards used for ultra-thin products such as flat-panel televisions, if the humidity is too high, vapor vapor is attached to the surface of the computer components, so that the performance of the circuit will be reduced, or even some short-circuit will burn out some components.

So try to avoid using electrical appliances in a large humidity environment, or you can eliminate excess moisture in the air by dehumidifier. The dehumidifying machine is quick and easy to use. It's a good assistant for your family dehumidifier.
Author: wet American Electric