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 I. after-sales slogan of wet mei electric.
Quick, decisive, accurate and thorough.
Ii. Pre-sales service:
Warmly accept the customer's consultation, introduce the specifications, performance characteristics and technical advantages of the series products, and send the samples and related materials to the customers.
Iii. Sales service:
Provide the most professional and economical configuration application plan for users. If the user has special needs, we can provide the product prototype and the door to design and configure the application plan according to the environment situation.
Iv. After-sales service:
1, 2014 wet electric launch since the date of the cost can enjoy (home dehumidifier machine 6 years free warranty, industrial dehumidifier host six years free warranty, humidifier 1 year free warranty) warranty maintenance free, only accept take spare parts cost more than warranty period, not a partners. In addition to the damage or failure of spare parts caused by the content of the second clause of "warranty notice", only the cost of spare parts shall be charged at the time of replacement and repair, and no working time fee shall be charged.
2. After the product has been repaired, it can be replaced or repaired free of charge within six months due to the damage or failure of the same spare part due to the quality problem.
3. The 24-hour service hotline 400-0079-973 is responsible for the customer's consultation, complaint and repair.
4, product service center is located within the city limits, after receiving user repair service, city 24 hours door-to-door service, 48 hours door-to-door service in areas surrounding the cities, towns and remote rural areas door-to-door service telephone appointment time. The service center will be repaired and sent back to the customer within three working days after receiving the defective machine.
5. Regularly arrange technical personnel to come to the door to serve the users, understand the operation of the machine, and cooperate with users to maintain the machine.
5. After-sales instructions.
1. The random parts provided in the product sales process shall provide the warranty service according to the national regulations; 5. No valid vouchers and valid invoices;
2, according to the "partial commodity is repaired change the responsibility that return money sets", is one of the following circumstances, to charge the maintenance: 6, the content does not accord with physical commodities logo on the warranty certificate or an altered;
3. The consumer does not operate according to the instructions, causing damage due to improper use, maintenance and storage; 7. Damage caused by force majeure (such as lightning strike, voltage instability, etc.);
4. The damage is caused by unauthorized dismantlement without the maintenance of our service personnel or designated service provider; 8. If the product is damaged due to environmental dust due to environmental dust in excess of the warranty period;