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Solution of dehumidifier in industrial field
shi mei series series are widely used in humidification dehumidification (electronics, shoes, clothing, tobacco, food, leather, glass, paper); archives management (banking, public security, museums, archives, government agencies); underground engineering (subway, air defense project, the river tunnel); HVAC, air system and other valuables warehouse pharmaceutical food, furniture, glass, printing products, chemicals, tobacco and other industries; the goods avoid significant losses caused by damp and mildew.
Real estate development basement solution
For the real estate development, the basement is not able to work normally because of the large humidity. The quick dehumidification of the super wet industrial dehumidifier can quickly reduce the humidity in the air and form a dry environment.
Humidifying solution
shi mei humidifier series are widely used in various industries: electronics, textile, printing, warehouse spraying, computer room, tobacco, paper, storage, laboratory, plastic, food manufacturing, electronic workshop, screen printing workshop, precision injection workshop, laboratory, electronic storage, printing workshop, plant industry to help solve; the product humidification of the majority of users, to ensure product humidity; for many enterprises to create excellent quality and dedication "wet beauty" humidifier can not only solve the problem of your daily and dry, high temperature and low temperature, we also have the very time experience, such as cold storage, preservation of fruits and vegetables and other industries.
Solution of dehumidifier in medical system
Including the hospital entrance hall, general wards, outpatient building, medical technology building, clean laminar flow operation room sterile ward, hospital, office, conference rooms and other places.
1、Comfort needs: a dry and comfortable environment, allowing patients to relax better, get better treatment, improve recovery rate, and indirectly improve the medical level of hospitals.
2,Health needs: Hospitals' needs for healthy environment are the most severe in all walks of life. Therefore, for a long time, dehumidification is needed to create a low carbon and environment friendly safety environment, and always care for patients' physical and mental health.